Beacon Falls Youth Theater Company

Our Mission

At BFYTC, our mission is simple: Offer the Opportunity to experience the performing arts in a safe, inclusive environment, while fostering self-expression, confidence, and goodwill.


What does that mean?

Well, for us, that means offering children in grades 1-8 an opportunity to learn about all aspects of theater. They will learn everything from auditioning for a part, to designing a set. They will participate in fun team building activities, guest workshops, and community outreach programs.


Safety for both parents and children are also a priority. This is why we offer our program in a familiar setting (Laurel Ledge Elementary School) and have CPR certified staff available in case of an emergency.


Encouragement, acceptance, and patience play an instrumental role in the development of your young thespian. With education, practice, and the support of family, staff, and the community, we can accomplish our mission and ensure that our children grow to be strong, self-confident, caring individuals.


Now let’s go break a leg!


Vincent Messina

BFYTC President


Teaching children about all aspects of theater.


Create a safe, inclusive environment.


Fostering self-expression, confidence and goodwill.


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