Beacon Falls Youth Theater Company

Small town values meet big city productions!

The Beacon Falls Youth Theater Group began as a town library pilot program in 2016 thanks to a couple of theater-loving residents — Erin Moffat and Ann Cook. Both had grown up in Beacon Falls and both had developed a passion for the performing arts at an early age. Unfortunately there were no programs available to them within their small community. They were forced to travel to surrounding towns in order to pursue their passion.

After years of education, performances, and travel, the two veteran thespians wondered why their growing town was still void of any performing arts programs. They decided to take their concerns to the town library director and thus the Beacon Falls Youth Theater Group was born.


The program proved a success and managed to grow exponentially over the next three years. No longer a modest little pilot program, the BFYTG was ready to spread its wings, and thus filed its articles of incorporation and quickly attained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.


Our program relies on the support of its community, grants, donations, and good ol’ fashion elbow grease. We look forward to continuing our mission of providing our community and its youth the opportunity to experience the magic of theater.

Vincent Messina


Vincent Messina (aka Mr. Vinny) has been a Beacon Falls resident for 15 years and a member of the Beacon Falls Youth Theater since its inception. With multiple children enrolled throughout the years, the BFYTC has become his second home and his second family. Mr. Vinny is extremely proud of how much the program has grown and he looks forward to doing his best to continue its mission.


Brian Humpal


Brian and his wife Amy have been Beacon Falls residents since 2004 and their son Jackson is currently a student at Long River Middle School. Brian has been a high school coach, administrator and teacher during his 20+ years at Masuk High School. He has been involved with the BFYTC for the past 5 years helping in whatever ways he can.


Michelle Messina


Michelle Messina is a lifelong Beacon Falls resident who like most of us at BFYTC have had children in the program throughout the years. Volunteering her time since the program's inception, Michelle has played an integral part in the program's growth and continues to help it reach its mission.


Angela Guarente


Angela Guarente is a lifelong Beacon Falls resident who has been involved in the BFYTC program over the past years. While supporting her daughter Michaela's love of the theater, Angela has volunteered countless hours. Whether she's playing the war drums or multiple extras, Angela goes above and beyond to support the BFYTC program.


Jen Wissink

Board Member

Coming Soon!


Our Mission

At BFYTC, our mission is simple: Offer the Opportunity to experience the performing arts in a safe, inclusive environment, while fostering self-expression, confidence, and goodwill.


What does that mean?

Well, for us, that means offering children in grades 3-8 an opportunity to learn about all aspects of theater. They will learn everything from auditioning for a part, to designing a set. They will participate in fun team building activities, guest workshops, and community outreach programs.


Safety for both parents and children are also a priority. This is why we offer our program in a familiar setting (Laurel Ledge Elementary School) and have CPR certified staff available in case of an emergency.


Encouragement, acceptance, and patience play an instrumental role in the development of your young thespian. With education, practice, and the support of family, staff, and the community, we can accomplish our mission and ensure that our children grow to be strong, self-confident, caring individuals.


Now let’s go break a leg!


Vincent Messina

BFYTC President


Teaching children about all aspects of theater.


Create a safe, inclusive environment.


Fostering self-expression, confidence and goodwill.